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Random Pictures

In memory of Kay Elliott

In memory of Grandson Ryan

Saul Saenz - Channel 13 News Florida

Al Barry retired from DeLand P.D.

Al Bachus

Lee Lincoln

Lorraine, Bonnie & Idalia

Joe & Champ

Randy Jurgensen Signing "Circle of Six" for Timmy Motto

Lee Lincoln & Herman Velez

HOLDING A DUPE SHIELD OF P.O.PHIL CARDILLO and the book Murder at The Harlem Mosque.

Erik Pistek & Councilman Ignizio

Erik Pistek as a rookie cop in Manhattan

Erik & Jon Pistek

To the left is Erik Pistek with Staten Island District Attorney Danny Donovan

Tony, Gonzales and Tony Jr.
Holmdel Township, New Jersey, memorial monuments for Holmdel resident veterans that died in the past wars, and living Holmdel residents that served in the United States Military in times of international conflict

Joseph Conway, 69 F.O.P member and John Valles. director of NYPD traffic agents

John Valles. director of NYPD traffic agents and Joseph Conway, 69 F.O.P member

Linda Sledge and daughter Corrin

Frieda Weisel, Richard Weisel Ret. NYPD, and Author Al Sheppherd

Gary Gorman one of Als ESS partners. Rich Weisel, -John Valles , Wally Zynes Ret-Sgt

Son, John Sheppard

Ret. Sgt. Joe Coffey NYPD

Al Sheppard book signing

Joe & John Graff
bluewallnypd's first web designer

Rich Weisel and Joe Sanchez

Rich Weisel with Timmy Moto

Joe Sanchez signing a copy of his bookTrue Blue for Rich Weisel.

Rich Weisel and Dee Cook web master for Angels NYPD

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