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Correctional Officer Louis Cannon and Joe Sanchez

Al Bermudez Pereira and brother Cruz (Moe) Morales NYPD 1988

Holmes & Ron Gonzales

Wall post #3

Willie Marrero & Al Bermudez Pereira

Wall post 13/14
wall was build in

Wall post #7/ Hudson River

Wall post 14/ Hundson River

Wal post T2,9,12,13 and 14.
State shop and hospital bldgs.

Sing Sing Death Chamber Entrance

Sing Sing chapel entrance

Tower guard toilet

While traveling on the Penn Station rail road to up state New York, you will get a great view of Sing Sing State Prison and its towers and walls

Vehicle entrance, wall post 18/18
grounds, chapel bldg; B-Block and gym bldg: in yellow.

Front entrance, Hunter Street.

A view of Sing Sing's gym and to the right you will see Tappan Medium Security Dorms. Up the hill is the maximum security blocks.

Albert Bermundez
Correctional Officer


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