Along with Major General Paul Vallely, USA retired, I have co-authored an exciting new book that tells the story of how grave circumstances bring America and Israel together to plan a stunning preemptive strike that will draw our Islamist terrorist enemies into "all-in" and winner take all conventional war. The plan is perfectly executed and the Islamists are forced to give up their guerrilla and fight on our terms not their's. Up to this point America has been largely reactive in our military prosecution of the War on Terror, but in this novel that all ends.

In the pages of Blood for Our Future, America unleashes the full awesome power of our military strength and pushes the terrorists back into their hiding holes and off America's streets. The story brings readers into the most secret and high level conferences on both sides of the world as Israel and America join together to make gut wrenching decisions to save the world.

It is a desperate race to stop the mad leader of Iran before he can cause a nuclear conflagration he believes will bring about the end of the world and a Judgment Day that will send Islamists to heaven and the rest of us to hell. BLOOD FOR OUR FUTURE is a stirring unashamed tribute to America's greatness and ability to win out in the coming all-in winner take all war against those who would enslave or murder because they hate America and everything we love.
In BLOOD FOR OUR FUTURE, America does everything those of us who love America and love freedom know we should be doing to defeat the Islamist terrorists and we do it with an attitude!

BLOOD FOR OUR FUTURE is available now at Standupamericausa.com





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