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Jorge Otero Barreto (Wikipedia)

Sgt. Rock, his wife Tatty & Ruben in Vega Baja


Delgado, Tijerina, & Yzaguirre

Bronze Star

Bad Boy Recon Platoon

Sgt. Yzaguirre

Vietnam Company Photos

Recon Eagle Beach

Jorge Otero Barreto "Sgt Rock"

Jorge Otero Barreto "Sgt Rock"

Letter written by one of his men
Medic Doc Keddie

Jorge Otero Barreto left, Captain Bob
Miretello, and Ruben Yzaquirre

Ruben Yzaquirie with his wife Vickie

Jorge Otero Barreto aka Sgt. Rock and Julio Martinez

Sgt. Rock called the Bamboo stick his "Cayao" which he used as a walking stick to spot booby traps, which saved his life many times

Joe Sanchez and Bob Miritello

Captain Bob Miritello in Melbourne, FL

Sargent Rock's Numerous Awards for Heroism
Under Enemy Attack


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