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NYPD Hispanic Society
1950's - 1970's

1960 - Executive Board - Pres. George Garcia Not in pix
Left. to Right

Dave Vele3 - VP.
vice ORTI3
Paul Rauldau
Judae Eueilohuue3
Isabel Barber - secy
Eric Seise - Treas.
Eric Seise - Treas.
Ray Barrios
Auibal Texiera
Charlie rega

Left to Right Mrs. olga Garcia, George Garcia Pres.- 900. Luis Munoz of Poreto Rico

1960 Installation
Left to Right.
Judge Paqnucco.
Stanley Roth. owner Eldario, George Garcia pre.- Judge Maghuel Gomez, Hector Velez V.P.

Ed. Carey director, DET. Gearge Bermudez
P.C. Mike Murphy, award recipient, installation (1961)

Past pre. Geage Garcia Mrs. George Bernudez, Reporter from eldiaro, Joe conchiero pre. 1962, recieviy award for undercover det. George Bermudez

Top Row George Garcia, Geue Chderme, Joe Conchiro, Alex Cuesta, Tommy Martino, Dave Velez, Sittuis, vice ortiz, Anibal Texiero, Isabel Barber, Ray Barrios, Eric Seise, Ivan Marfis executive board 1962

P. Ballcutie award to George Garcia, Community service award

Left to right 1963 installation George Garcia det. Alex Cueta - Recievy Award by stauley Ross - owner eldiario Joe Condero Pres.

1963 installation award preseuted to Joe Monseratt. Dir officer P.R. by Gerge Garcia sented P.C. Michael Murphy

George Garcia P.C. Mike Merphy and other Preidents of Fraternal Orgaziation

1963 H.S. installation @ St. George Hotel, Bklyn George Garcia, pres. Joe Conchiero Judge emilio nunez, machito Judge manuel gomez

Award preseuted to Guorge Garcia & wife olga by organizationer unida de brax & by mayors orban action task force, by pres hispanic society 1970, freddy costales

Retirees in Florida Geoge Garcia, Ray Perez, Tony Burgos

Top Row; Charlie Cabun, unk Joe Crnclero, Hector Velez, George Garcia, Al Delgado, Eric Seise, Ramun Seige, Mrs. Delgado, ulk, unk, Mrs olga Gercia

Lt. Al. Garcia Receiving Award from H.S. Pres. George Garcia and Guardians Pres. Calvin Allen

Georye Garcia & Anibal Texiers, wife carmey Texiers; other ladie unknown 1961


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