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Joe was used to engaging the enemy all of his life, and he’s learned not to let it scare him. Not the enemy on the battlefield before, and not the enemy in the streets, now. Not the vicious neighborhood rapist who beats his victims with brass knuckles in order to get his ways. Not the notorious neighborhood gang, the Avilez Gang, that is terrorizing both ends of the Williamsburg Bridge and setting its sight on an unknown bank. Not even the two cops who commit robberies with impunity behind The Blue Wall, forcing a reluctant I.A.D. to bring the rogues to heel at last. Every barrel has a few bad apples, after all. But then Joe and his partner have to deal with their own callous-hearted captain, “Big Max.” That’s when they realize who the real enemy is.

The Enemy Within…

Bo Dietl & Joe Sanchez with their Books, 'One Tough Cop' & 'True Blue A Tale of the Enemy Within'

Bo Dietl receiving the Mets award at the NYPD graduation with Mayor Lindsay & Police Commissioner Pat Murphy

Bo Dietl in uniform with his partner Thomas J. "Cowboy" Colleran from the 25 Pct.
Retired NYPD Detective Bo Dietl

Officer Joseph Cirillo

Officer Joseph Cirillo

 Joseph Cirillo - Korea

 Joseph Cirillo
with Singer Eddie Fisher

Joe Cirillo with retired
NYPD Detective Jerry Giorgio

Mike Borrelli

Mike Borrelli
Lou Diaz

Lou Diaz

Lou Diaz

Lou Diaz

Lou Diaz

Lou Diaz
 Lou Telano and his partner John Sepe

Dave Fischer

Dave Fischer

Dave Fischer

Dave Fischer



3O PCT, First NYPD female officer to be awarded Combat Cross the night she was working with partner Joe Sanchez

Robert Shack

Lou Nelson

Lou Nelson & Richie Lynn

Lou Nelson

Correctional Officer Louis Cannon and Joe Sanchez
at Sing Sing

Joe and partner Herman Velez

Highway Unit 1,
Police officer Edward Fogel was shot and killed and partner John V. Huvane wounded at Harlem River Dr.

Mike Digeorgio and Tom Malarkey -
Bank Robbery Place OCC-34 PCT
caught in 30 PCT Chase

Lee Lincoln

Joe working as a postal carrier

Liam R. Foley.

Demarest Police Department Bergen County N.J.

Foley, Chief James F. Pwderley III and Billy

Billy, Foley

Liam R. Foley, P.O. Michael Bartelucci
and P.O. William J. Bizink Jr.

Jesus Baca Dallas, Texas police officer

Jesus Baca & his horse "Buck"
and fellow cop.

Staten Island BlueKnights Vll

John Valles

John Valles
The First Vice President of the Trafffic Squad!

Article on Police Officier Mickey "O"

Chief Dennis P. Ryan
To view articles Click Picture

Police Officer Jimmy Olivero

Freddie Roman Joe's 25 PCT Partner
& Jimmy Olivero

Freddie Roman

Donna Holseffel & Sal Ferrer

Jimmy Olivero and Ronnie Olivero

Big Sam Badillo. He was a rookie cop from the
41 Pct when this photo was taken
back in the early 60's.

Ronnie Olivero and Jimmy Olivero

Tony Marrero

Louie Perez

Alice with Louie Perez

19th Century St. Paul Copper visitor

Eric Wollman meets author of True Blue

Richard Weisel & Joe at book signing

Eric Wollman NYPD Auxiliary Deputy Inspector

St Paul PD motor cycle officer

Front Row-2nd from left Roger Lind, 3rd from left Joe Rubianes, John Villanueva the 4th from left or right. 1st from right is Frank Matijevich, Organizer.

Al Sheppard and Joe Sanchez


Al Bemudez retired Sing Sing Correctional Officer,
Al Sheppard and Joe Sanchez

Al Bermudez Pereira, author of "Ruins of a Society and the Honorable" Al Sheppard is co-author of "E-Man" NYPD Emergency Service.

Al Sheppard with "Taco his dog" and Joe Sanchez

Angel and Mabel Vega

Angel & Mabel

Angel and Greg Dardzinski 

Angel Vega

Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Eric Wollman at the
Israeli Day Parade

Israeli Day Parade

Joe, Chief Detective Albert Seedman,
Lorraine, Brianna

Chief Detective Albert Seedman,
Henny Seedman, Lorraine, Brianna

Charlie Rizzo and I worked together at Sing Sing, back in 1989-90 when we were both corrections officers.

Lt. William J. Elsman, Ret.
Monmouth County, N.J., Sherriff's Department

Fred & Lorraine Sanchez

Steve (Mutt) Shear 5/7 Cav. Vietnam, Fred Booker, Joe Sanchez and Louie Harrera
Joe's 90 Pct. NYPD Partner


Joe & Tony D'Apolito
Former Ohio Police Officer

Joe, Tony and Eddie Martinez
Retired Bronx Homicide Detective

Petro Illanio 5/7 Trooper "A: Company
and Florida State Trooper
Left with Joe & Lorraine Sanchez

Retired NYPD Lieutenant Angel Sosa 25 PCT

Joe & Fred Booker 2/7 D Company
Both wounded 1/16/1967
Forward Observer 40th year Reunion

Patty D'Apolito with Tony and Joe

Police Officer Carlson ( Carlito ) De Gracia from the 42 Pct in the Bronx and the 7th Pct in Manhattan's Lower East Side ( Delancey Street )

Gene "Uncle G" Serina with his friends
"The Eternals"

NYC Correction Officer Ron Reynolds

Ron Reynolds - NYPD police officer

Andres Fontanez { second from left } with his Emergency Service Unit team, NYC Department of Corrections.

The Range
(left - Andres Fontanez)
(right - Lemuel Isaac)

Joe Sanchez and Andres Fontanez

Joe Sanchez and Andres Fontanez

George Louie Sanchez Picon
(Brother of Joe Sanchez)

Timmy Sanchez
(Son of Joe Sanchez)

Honor Legion Citizen Award/ National Police Defense Foundation
From left to right: Dr. Maz from Medwell Medical in NJ; Officer Walter Hutchinson; and Editor Jerry DeMarco, Cliffviewpilot NJ News.

Deputy Chief Mike Borrelli Jr.

From left to right: DC Mike Borrelli Jr, Sheriff Scott Israel, Mike Borrelli Sr.

In Memory of Detective Frank P. Collins

Frank Collins

John Villanueva

John & Madeline Villanueva

Tony Schiozzi
(3rd from the left)

Tony Schiozzi
(Left: His daughter's (Maria Powers) police academy graduation. Right: Graduation picture from police academy)

Tony Schiozzi
(Tony with his daughter, Maria Powers - lieutenant with the NYPD)

Tony Schiozzi
(Tony with his daughter, Maria Powers - lieutenant with the NYPD)

Marilyn Ruderman
5th female NYPD officer to be promoted to sergeant 10/13/65. Joined the department 12/1/52, retired 1/26/71

Marilyn Ruderman
5th female NYPD officer to be promoted to sergeant 10/13/65. Joined the department 12/1/52, retired 1/26/71

Victor Padilla

Victor Padilla

Ivan Negron
Ivan with his wife Evelyn Fonseca Negron, daughter Melissa and son, Peter Ivan Negron

Ivan Negron

Ivan Negron

Mike Rivas
Vietnam 1966

Mike Rivas
Mike Rivas (right), NYPD cop & partner Jerry Zandman (left) for the 25 Pct.

Charlie Wigfall & Joe Sanchez

NYPD Charlie Wigfall, 30 Pct

Allen Caplan, John F. Kennedy Jr. & James Murtagh

Sgt. Kevin Collins, Allen Caplan, John F. Kennedy Jr. & James Murtagh

Ptl. Richard Gray  Hwy 3  (1973)
USMC 1963
24 Pct./ T.P.F./103 Pct.
12th Marines

Det. Richard Gray 103 Pct. 1971
Cpl. E-4 Richard Gray
4th Bn.


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