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Thomas Rogimerski, Willie Harris,
Robert Fiqueroa, and Joe with
The Boys from NY.

Joe and Pedro Illanio at Fort Carson
Colorado Basic Training.

Ivan Alfaro

Ivan Alfaro getting a massage

Motar Platoon 2/7 D Company LZ Virginia Phantiet
Ivan Alfaro, Sal Mione with a mortar round in his hands,
Leonard Shields, and Victor Salgado.

Paul and Platoon crossing river

Bottom row sitting on the ground: Steve Craig Left to right: Rolando Salazar with glasses, Don Rodriguez with the boonie hat and Bob Datish with the farmer's hat. Next row left to right: Rich Woodke, Eddie Stanfield in back, Henry Guidotti with the bush hat, Frank Garza with the boonie hat, John Sommer with the boonie hat and
Joe Cardwell with red hair and short guy.

Rolando Salazar
crossing a river with the rest of the mortar platoon. 2/7th Cav D-Company First Cav 1966-67

Robert Matovic with the 62nd TC USARV as a machine gunner 1970

Keith Bodine and three buddies

About Keith Bodine
When I arrived in Vietnam and the 229th AHB, I was assigned to fly gunner at times for Maj. Bruce (Snake)
Crandall, the pilot in the book and movie, " We Were Soldiers Once And Young " recipient of the MOH.  What a
great man he is.

Click here to view my website and learn more about myself, Connie Pearson and others.

Keith Bodine

Crew chief (Lee Horton) behind me was there the night we rescued Connie Pearson and 6 other troopers from the 5/7 D Company in 1966-1967. in Bong Song.
Reunion from left to right:Connie Pearson, Sue, My wife, My grandson, grand daughter and Keith Bodine

P.F.C. Leonard S. Pelullo

You Are Not Forgotten


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