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    Anlau Valley  
Bong Son Base Camp, Ankhe Lt. Joe Levantino,
D/Company 5/7 1966
Quick's Vietnam Platoon less 1 squad 68/69 D Company 5/7
Caudill, shaving Ernie
Messagee in background
SFC. Cosby 5/7
Distributing Sunday Rations
Trooper from the Island of Guam Long range patrol recon D-5/7
Russ Williams in rear, Willie Wilson in the lead, LRP D-5/7
D5/7 Dave McCabe, RTO  
D-Co.5/7 Shot running ducks at the bottom of this hill near bong son Fighting position right outside SI area. The boundry fence and village close by. Dak to taking a break. Mail and medical supplies just arrived. Dak To
This was the SI working and sleeping area. We were dug back into the side of the hill. Bealer Caudill sleeping in the bush
after a day of searching for Charlie
Bealer Caudill  

    1969 Co. 5/7 Bill Litvjak at Mary F.S.B. T.O.C. Song Be Province  

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