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David Alicea Serrano David Alicea Serrano
KIA 69' Born: Las Piedras, Puerto Rico.

Mike Spehar, LZ Carol 1968 Mike Speights from Texas City
Tony Grantham and Mike Speights Bathing in Bomb Crater Alonzo Curry loading up on LZ Rita, 1968 Captured just off LZ Carol, Summer 1968, National Forest
Jim Rowell from Louisiana, RTO for Bravo Co, 2nd/8th Gilbert Gonzales Palacio from San Antonio Texas
nickname: Pancho
(KIA two weeks before going home)
1968 Central Highlands
Ken Glover on Left
Mike Speights and David Alicea Serrano
Ben Evans, 1968
E Company 2nd Battalion 8th Cavalry      
Alex with S-3 MAJ Perkins Wounded NVA soldier  
Harold "Alex" Alexander at Vinh Long, Vietnam Dak To, Vietnam 1965-'66
Peter J. Drobeck Peter J. Drobeck with his Banana Cat    

Capt. Jim Rowell (RET) from Altanta, GA PD.
Harold "Eskimo" Asitonia was Jim's Vietnam friend and mentor who taught Jim how to survive in the jungle of Vietnam    

James Durney, with his just released book Vietnam, (The Irish Experience)


Korean War Veterans

Al Gigliotti

Col. Frank Gigliotti, Sgt. Al Gigliotti, John Gigliotti, Carl Gigliotti, A.J.Oliverio

Front Row, Pvt. Gauthier,
Sgt. Fred Bolton,
Back row ,S/sgt. Al Gigliotti

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