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Written By:
Joe Sanchez

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guillermo torres [12/31/06, 11:44 AM] writes:
god bless the police and miltary of the world now and before and nam 10th mantain div
William Morales [12/30/06, 5:00 PM] writes:
Nice pictures! I retired from NYPD in July 1988.
Michael Paccione [12/30/06, 3:14 PM] writes:
Joe, Going through your website brought back memories from almost 40 years ago. I almost forgot what we looked like at 19yrs old. Like some of the people that signed in, I myself did a tour in Nam gunner on a chopper, stationed down south. I also did 30 years on the NYPD retired Lt. in 2001. I feel for our men and women fighting for our freedom every day. It was nice to see some of those pictures of how it was, as opposed to the tourist resort it is today. Seeing how we now live in the greatest country in the world we should never forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us.
Ariel & Tuti [12/28/06, 9:14 PM] writes:
It sure looks like you had lots of fun!!! Thanks for sharing those good moments with us!
ROBERT DALIA [12/28/06, 5:30 PM] writes:
Bob Shack [12/28/06, 4:00 PM] writes:
Joe, this is the first time I saw this website of your and it came from the 10-13 website that I'm a member of. Joe I checked out some of the photos and you look good. I'm glad you were able to go forward with your life after the way NYPD treated you. I haven't read your book yet but I well, I am also a Nam Vet. I'm retired now from the Army, a total of 28 years.(active & reserve)Joe, you are a class ACT and I'm glad that we worked the streets together.
Bob Shack [12/28/06, 3:17 PM] writes:
I'm a retiree from the 30th Pct. and worked many months/years with Joe Sanchez and I would love to have him contact me after all these years. If you tell me how I can e-mail him. Joe was a good cop and one of the best.Please try to point me in the right diection.
JOE CABRERA [12/28/06, 2:09 PM] writes:
AIT at Fort Polk Tiger Land, everybody went to the
1st CAV except three, all MACV, one to Can Tho, one to Banmethout, and me to Kontum, Security Platoon.
Had good buddy went to CAV. Eddie King from Queens,
Company A 2/12, March '67 to March '68. Anybody know him. Thank you all for all you did, especially while I was there. Joe
EDDIE MELENDEZ [12/28/06, 12:49 PM] writes:
Ronald C. Lozito [12/28/06, 12:31 PM] writes:
I did serve the 1ST Cav. in Korea on the DMZ in 1964 and And rec'd the colors back. Went to Laos for two tours. I also went into NYPD on Feb.4,1974 in class 74-1. Laid off, O' buy the way I also work For Intell (CI)We were laid off and went into Corrcction ( HDM ), and back into the NYPD 1980 19Pct.,79 Pct.,61Pct, Hwy Patrol #2 Retired in 9/30/94, and retired CIA 2005.

I love the jobs I have work for and now enjoy retiredment.

God Bless every one who serve.
Ronnie Lozito
Frank D. Maresca [12/28/06, 11:39 AM] writes:
Beautifull Site Good Luck
Jerry Castagliola [12/28/06, 11:02 AM] writes:
great web sight.
Joe White [12/28/06, 10:59 AM] writes:
ood site.
Rich Weisel [12/27/06, 10:57 PM] writes:
I received your card from Liam Foley. Nice speaking to you. Looking foward to reading your book.
Jairo [12/27/06, 2:27 PM] writes:
Hi Mr.Sanchez for escribirme
TIMOTHY MOTTO [12/26/06, 10:53 PM] writes:


johnston brown [12/26/06, 10:31 AM] writes:
I am an ex police officer who suffered from what I call the Serpico syndrome. I was recently arrested for speaking out against unlawful police activity. I have written and published a book on these matters called "Into the Dark".
Things are no different here in Northern Ireland than in America.
george white [12/25/06, 1:53 AM] writes:
great site--will always remember Jan.16th 1967.your friend George White fellow WIA.
larry and marie schoicket [12/24/06, 7:56 PM] writes:
hi jo

e: I'm your cousin marie's husband and it's christmas and were at jennie and andrews for dinner. we just bought your book and am looking forward to reading it. marie says hi and maybe well get to see you in feb when we go down to florida.


Joe Del Valle [12/24/06, 8:02 AM] writes:
Hey Joe, My Uncle, who also servered in vietnam, described events such as yours, it's overwhelming even for someone who was'nt there.
Angela Pelullo Spegal [12/23/06, 3:17 PM] writes:
Dear Joe,
As Our family approaches another Christmas without Lenny, I would like to thank you again for keeping his memory alive not just in your heart but on your website. As you know Lenny would have been 61 on Christmas Eve. He celebrated his 21st and last birthday with you.

God Bless You and Your Family this Christmas season. I hope all of you are in good health. My mother is in good health and wishes you and your family only the best.
Tony Gonzales [12/20/06, 10:23 PM] writes:
Hey Joe. Read "Latin Blues". Good reading, enjoyed very much. Can't hardly wait for your next book. And your website - I am impressed! I always enjoy surfing thru it. Keep up the good work.
Best wishes always,
-Tony G.
Anthony J. Picarelli [12/19/06, 4:30 PM] writes:
Hi Joe its been a while, website is great good luck on your book. Read an e-mail by Bill Bielawski, I too was in the 9th. Pct during the terrible 70s with the loss of Foster, Laurie Reddy.Glover and Murphy. Perhaps Bill may remember me. My partner was Bob Tobuck, we worked steady midnights, sector A-B sometimes King of the nine. Happy Holidays to all, keep up the good work.
Martin A. Gonzalez [12/17/06, 5:39 PM] writes:
Looking forward to reading your book.
robert wagner [12/16/06, 2:58 PM] writes:
this was a great wake up for me relape came right back, i was in the 5th bn 7th cav in the same area, keep up the good work i'am trying to rember everything that i blocked out
Jesus Baca Sr. [12/15/06, 11:22 AM] writes:
Dear Sirs:

I have been victimized by the Dallas Police Department since 1973, when I became a Police
Officer, but did not become "one of the boys,"
especially while working undercover I almost
busted the Chief's daughter for drug dealing.
This of course led me through hell the rest of
of twelve years with the Dallas Police Department
and currently to this date.

If you want more information please send me your

Mr. Frank Serpico, has been a great friend in trying to help me get my book published. But, since I am exposing some top government officials
which includes former President Bill Clinton and the now President George W. Bush, no publishing
company will touch my book.

Sincerely, Yours
Jesus Baca Sr.
Bealer Vance Caudill [12/14/06, 9:07 AM] writes:
Excellent additions Joe
frank viola [12/12/06, 5:49 PM] writes:
I work with your son, Tim at Lowes. He is a swell guy. I was in the Navy at the beginning of Nam, when they had only advisors. I was in code work. secret clearence. I served 4 years. Nice to visit your site. Real interesting site. Happy holidays!!!!
Joe Miranda [12/11/06, 11:57 PM] writes:
Great talking to you look forward to joining these bands of brothers
Issy Rios [12/9/06, 12:05 PM] writes:
Joe, this goes out to all your readers,Viet Nam Vets, retired Cops and their families, God Bless you all and have the best and happiest holidays of all, LOL, Issy Rios and Family.
Charles Rizo [12/8/06, 3:40 PM] writes:
Well done Joe. I am really happy for you.

Your Friend

gerardo roman jr. [12/6/06, 8:12 PM] writes:
yo brotherman dynomite site
Joe Sanchez Picon [12/5/06, 5:58 PM] writes:
And a Garry Owen! To all the troopers
Joe Sanchez Picon [12/5/06, 5:30 PM] writes:
Thank you, Colonel Swett. It's an honor having you sign the guest book. You were the 5/7 Cavalry commanding officer traveling with the troopers on board the USS Gaffey and arriving in Vietnam in August of 1966. Until our next 5/7 Reunion...God bless.
Ted Swett [12/5/06, 5:10 PM] writes:
Super web site, Joe. Very impressive and interesting. Suggest you send it to Allen Patrick or Karl Haartz so that the 5/7 Cav guys can see it.


Joe Rose [12/4/06, 8:27 PM] writes:
Great site
Joe Sanchez Picon [11/28/06, 6:12 PM] writes:
Diana, yes, it feels great to be in print. "Latin Blues" tells the story of how two NYPD police officers were shot and killed back in 1975, and how it could have been prevented. This happened during my rookie year in the NYPD. We write other stories around it. Working now on my autobiography, a tell all from the good, the bad and the ugly. As a child, Nam, taxi driver, ambulance driver in Harlem, Port Authority cop, NYPD [the enemy within], and New York State corrections officer. God bless-Joe
Diana Myers [11/28/06, 3:27 PM] writes:
Just ordered Latin Blues. Congratulations! Bet it feels good to be in print.
Dennis Mulder [11/26/06, 9:19 AM] writes:
Edwin Rosado [11/26/06, 7:01 AM] writes:
Joe always a pleasure to visit your site, Your friend Eddie A,2/7 cav............
Issy Rios [11/24/06, 9:58 AM] writes:
Joe, First and formost, Hope you enjoyed thanksgiving along with all of your family members, and thanks for showing us your Washington D.C. reunion pictures, good job, wish I had atteneded, maybe next yea, if God gives me good health,. Well buddy, good luck to you in all your endeavers, God Bless and stay well. The Is-Man, out.
LUIS MORALES [11/23/06, 8:14 PM] writes:
Robert Wagner [11/23/06, 11:30 AM] writes:
the site looks great ,Id'like to come back to Wash.D.C. and see the
Wall and the war menorials, how ever my wife and I are not in good health to travel any more,had to sale my RV that runied my life,JOEs' book is a real pice of history and well written,
Danny Nieves [11/23/06, 8:17 AM] writes:
Joe - Happy Thanksgiving ! Nice photos
Thomas Ortiz [11/23/06, 7:17 AM] writes:
Nice re union! So good to see friends you haven't seen for awhile! The Best! Tommy "O" Vietnam 1966-67
Angel E Huertas [11/23/06, 2:41 AM] writes:
As always you have done a great job with the reunion pictures. We had a great time. This well always be fond memories. God Bless
Rolando A. Salazar [11/23/06, 1:31 AM] writes:
Joe, the web site looks better every time I visit it. Great job!
Peter Clarkson [11/21/06, 8:31 PM] writes:
Very nice website!
Karen Rando [11/19/06, 6:12 PM] writes:
great site
Ralph Iannucelli [11/15/06, 1:51 AM] writes:
So nice to meet you in DC on Veterans Day. Really had a great time conversing with you. Hope you enjoyed being on 20 Street. Iím sure you made a lot of new friends. Looking forward to seeing you again next year. Look for me on 20th. Iíll start reading the book as soon as I take care of some personal business.

Keep in touch.

Theodore Roosevelt High School
Bronx, N.Y.
Mike Speights [11/13/06, 8:24 PM] writes:
Joe, I just returned from DC. It was a great reunion! I was glad to meet with you and some of your close buddies, hopefully we can meet again in 08 in Jacksonville. A short time ago, I turned to your website, and immediately I was carried back in time to 1968 in Vietnam. What a great job you did in designing it. I am anxious to start reading your book. My hat is off to you my friend. Stay in touch.
Vince Lauerich [11/13/06, 7:46 PM] writes:
I had been here before and never signed in

Glad to see you in DC taking care of my man MUTT

Redeye A5/7-68 COUNTYLINE 1-6
Corporal Rob Knight [11/13/06, 9:34 AM] writes:
Standing up in a gunfight and fighting back against the odds.
Would that we could all choose such a way to go.
A brave man and an inspiration to all.
Lloyd Marcus [11/12/06, 10:38 AM] writes:
Hi Joe, Thanks for the EXCELLENT work you are doing for veterans. I recorded "Welcome Home Brother" to help heal Vietnam Vets who were rejected when they returned home.
God bless you, Lloyd
Lloyd Marcus [11/12/06, 10:37 AM] writes:
Hi Joe, Thanks for the EXCELLENT work you are doing for veterans. I recorded "Welcome Home Brother" to help heal Vietnam Vets who were rejected when they returned home.
God bless you, Lloyd
Kevin [11/9/06, 2:18 PM] writes:
Hey Joe Kevin from the barber shop the website looks great. Take care good luck to you
Jack Daly [11/8/06, 6:20 PM] writes:
Joe, read your book Latin Blues. I like the way you tell the story. You have a way of making the reader laugh and then back to serious events. Looking forward to reading your next book
Andrew Falco [10/28/06, 1:36 PM] writes:

I just heard about your new book from Jenny the
other day. I know you must be very proud of this
accomplishment. We are alse very pleased you completed it and very anxious to read it.
The websiste is great (nice touch with White Rabbit) took me back that very unsettling time (late 60's).

Anyhow, when you travel up this way, please stop
by we would love to see all of you.


Andrew & Jenny Falco
Tommy Rodriguez [10/28/06, 5:09 AM] writes:
Great looking in the past and even better towards the future.
Jim Bomford [10/27/06, 4:26 PM] writes:
Great site.
Jeff [10/22/06, 10:53 AM] writes:
Great site Joe keep up the good work.

Issy Rios [10/22/06, 9:36 AM] writes:
Hello again my friends, glad to be alive this day, everything going good for us, thanks be to God, and just a word to that person who wrote that he is looking to get PTSD, all I have to say is that I was turned down the first time I applied and when I showed the V.A. my records with all my seventy nine mission I went on in Viet Nam, they had second thoughts along with that fact that I had been seeing doctors withmy health problems for years, I was granted my full dis-ability,(100%), part of the disabilty was 70 % for PTSD. Again to those fighting for their allocation, please continue your fight because no-one but you can make things happen. Well wishes for all Vets. and their families, Lets not forget all those retired cops and those who are still putting their lives on the line, God Bless you all.
Bealer Caudill [10/20/06, 8:02 AM] writes:
I just finished reading your book, Latin Blues, and found it to be worth the time and money. Exteremly insightful reading.
Nick Donvito [10/18/06, 10:30 AM] writes:
Great site Joe, it's always good to meet another Cav brother. Brother Nick D2/8 68/69.
Troy F Kimbell [10/17/06, 4:23 PM] writes:
I served with the following units.1/12 Airborne
Cav,1st Cav Division.1967,B CO. 2/7 cav 1st Cav
division D CO 1968-1969, G CO 75th Rangers Chu LI
Nick Lian [10/16/06, 4:37 PM] writes:
Great things on this site, thank you for your help, I need it to get PTSD from the VA. Nick Lian
John Villanueva [10/16/06, 11:36 AM] writes:
Joe, I hope the book is a great success. It's a good read. Keep up the great job. Much success. Your friend John.
Sgt.Alex M.Figueroa [10/13/06, 8:40 PM] writes:
Lets never forget those who served and are still serving our Land of the Free .De Oppresso Liber.
Russell Gunn [10/7/06, 6:26 AM] writes:
God Bless to all
eric lopez [9/30/06, 4:00 PM] writes:
hi joe ,,just looking at your website,,,eric,,wanda
Issy Rios [9/28/06, 4:49 PM] writes:
Joe, I see that there are a lot of people who recognize your good work with this site, I just want to pass on a greeting to you and to let you know that I am very grateful for all my good fortune, got married this year, moved to my new home in Florida and just recieved word that I finally got my 100% disability from the V.A. For those of you who are vets. and are trying to get their benefits, I have these words of wisdom, (Never Give Up Hope and keep on fighting for your rights, God only knows how we fought in these wars and deserve whatever we can get for our efforts) To those Vets out there, God Bless You All and God bless all our guys out there still fighting to make our world much safer. Again,I am gratefull for all your input and effort towards making all of us closer, weather it be retired MOS's or veterans of past and present wars, Again, God Bless Us All.
Menage [9/28/06, 3:28 PM] writes:
Very good site! I like it! I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this site..Thanks!
lawrence dean tucker [9/23/06, 7:24 PM] writes:
i was in d 2/7 2nd pl pointman feb 67 - feb 68 i can't remenber many names.i was with roger k hooiser when he was killed in mar.67 i was in the battle near phan thiet nov.22 67 i hope get a copy of your book when you are done.
Gerard Smith [9/21/06, 6:55 PM] writes:
I am married to Tommy Matovic's (Joe Sanchez's former partner) niece.
Great site!!
Joe [9/21/06, 5:49 PM] writes:
Bob, great to hear from you and welcome home. Thanks for signing in and for your comments to when you served in Vietnam. Your brother Tommy is a dear friend of mine. He and I worked at the 30 Pct., and when some bad things went down on me, he was very supportive and helped me out, as did his former partner, John Healy. Hope to see you when you come to Florida. God bless.
bob matovic [9/21/06, 1:30 PM] writes:
hello joe sanchez, i don`t believe we have met, i`m tommy`s brother. he told me about your web site and thought i would say hi. first things first WELCOME HOME BROTHER.great site joe, i have to admit as soon as i clicked on nam goosebumps and the hair on my arms stoodup hearing those rotors on the choppers.i heard a great deal about you and am glad i finally get to speak with you. when i was in nam 1970, i often told tommy when i would write home,that yes we were in the shit but you guys were fighting your own war back home in the streets. i was with the 199th,then got transfered to the 62nd,i was a machine gunner securing convoys,may 1970 we made a push into cambodia. thank god i got home in one piece, a few mental scars but thats par for the course. joe i just wanted to say hi and again welcome home. a great site,brings back a lot of memories ,some good,some bad,but the experience is part of who i am today. we`ll talk again,can`t wait to meet you. talk tommy into going down your way and we`ll go. talk later joe. bobby matovic
ROBERT D. WAGNER [9/18/06, 4:11 PM] writes:
Harry R Walters [9/16/06, 11:15 AM] writes:
B Co. 2/7th. Dec. 1966--- Dec 1967.
Jimmy Brown [9/10/06, 10:37 PM] writes:
Great site on both Nam & NYPD
Luis Ortiz [9/4/06, 10:07 AM] writes:
Nice Website. I enjoyed the photos and music.
Nick Lian [8/20/06, 7:00 PM] writes:
Just to say hi to you all.
George Hannnaford [8/19/06, 10:41 PM] writes:
Hi Joe,

Nice web site, we met at the reunion. Hope to see you at the next one.

Ariel [8/15/06, 4:23 AM] writes:
I think you have done an excellent job with your site.
Joe Sanchez Picon [8/13/06, 9:30 PM] writes:
Thanks, Issy...and a safe trip back home. God bless.
Issy Rios [8/13/06, 2:36 PM] writes:
Joe, You are an insperation to us all, and thank you for all your good words.I'm in New York now, got here Tue. 8/8/06 and will be going back to Fl. on the 26 or 27th whichever, Am picking up the rest of our belongings, and closing up shop at our residence in Staten Island, looking forward to getting back to our home in Orlando. Well buddy be eing you. ( e-mailing you) Chow, my man, Is-Man, out.
Joe Sanchez Picon [8/12/06, 8:50 PM] writes:
Issy,God bless you and your new bride. May He also bless your new home.
Issy Rios [8/12/06, 10:27 AM] writes:
Hello Joe and friends out there, had my wedding July 7th,2006, had a great time in my new home in Avalon Park, Orlando, about 40 people attended the event and after we got married, everyone went to my house which was about a few blocks away and we all continued to party till the wee hours in the morning. My pool was full of people, enjoying themselves and well just to let you know that the seconf time around was real good, so far we are enjoying our lives togeather and thnk God for all the good friends and plenty of good luck that we have had, again thanks for your good wishes and lots of love goes out to all those retirees and ex-milatary men and women and to those who are serving our country, God bless us all. Chow, the Is-Man, out.
Tim Anderson [8/11/06, 12:01 PM] writes:
I was just surfing the Internet, and came upon your Website. Found it very interesting on Nam and NYPD. Nice work.
Steve "MUTT" Shear [8/7/06, 2:55 AM] writes:
Just found the site buddy. Looks to be outstanding.
Steve "MUTT" Shear [8/7/06, 2:52 AM] writes:
Just found the site buddy. Looks to be outstanding.
Tony Perez [7/24/06, 11:57 PM] writes:
Enjoyed looking at this Website. Thanks!
Joe Sanchez Picon [7/18/06, 9:30 PM] writes:
Thank you, Alex. Love you, too. God bless--Abuelo.
Alexandra [7/17/06, 7:22 PM] writes:
grandpa your page is so nice!! i like ur page i can tell you put alot of work into it!! love it! love always alex!!
Marc Gilotti [7/12/06, 2:55 PM] writes:
Great stories and awesome pictures of a stand-up career on the job.
Charlton Hines [7/12/06, 10:53 AM] writes:
Tuti [7/5/06, 6:41 PM] writes:
Glad to see you've had such good response to your website! By the way, who's that "Ariel Ocasio"?? Sounds like a good friend, and handsome, too!!! LOL !!!!
John Sullivan [7/4/06, 1:05 PM] writes:
Great Website! Thanks for sharing.
Joe Sanchez Picon [6/28/06, 10:52 PM] writes:
Luv ya, too, Bill. I will make sure to correct the spelling to your last name as soon as possible. Kathryn being a former Marine [ or should I say, Marine ] should take a look at my legs. Yours are better looking than mine. LOL. Garry Owen & Semper Fi!
Bill Litvjak [6/28/06, 5:46 PM] writes:
Joe,just have beem visiting your website with Kathryn Skipper. She stopped by for a visit while waiting for a customer coming into Orlando.

Saw the pictures I sent to you, please change my last name, it's Litvjak. Kathryn got a kick out of my bow legs.

GarryOwen, Semper Fi, luv ya,

Robert Taylor [6/25/06, 10:46 AM] writes:
You have a great Website. I enjoyed looking at the photos and listening to the songs. Brings back memories of my time as a young man in the 60's. Thank you for serving. God bless our troops.
Ariel Ocasio [6/14/06, 8:01 PM] writes:
I'm from Santurce, Puerto Rico and served in Vung Tau, Vietnam 1970-71 with the 361 Signal Battalion Headquarters Company. Glad to see that Joe has a Website that honors both military and law enforcement veterans.
Joe Sanchez Picon [6/13/06, 11:33 PM] writes:
Ariel Ocasio is a friend and extended family. Happy Father's Day to all the caring and loving fathers. And God bless our troops.
Ariel Ocasio Rivera [6/13/06, 6:41 PM] writes:
Joe Sanchez Picon [6/12/06, 1:06 PM] writes:
Issy, how right your are. There are now two [2] Latino Fraternal Organization in the NYPD. The Hispanic Society, which has has been around since the early 1950's, and the Latino NYPD Organization, which has only been around for a few years, and in my opinion, an organization that is too radical and could care less for true justice for all. I do give then credit for standing up to some of the injustice in the NYPD, when it comes to minority officers, but many of the members, especially on the board, are not altruistic as they want people to think, as I personaly found out a few months ago. Concerning the Hispanic Society, they, too, have people that are there for their own interest, and not the membership. Throughout my life, I've gotten more support, be it moral support and what have you, from non-Latinos. I do have many Latino friends, and they know who they are, that have stood by me when things looked bad. I thank my non-Latino friends for all their help as well. And I thank God for all the help He has given me and my family, for without Him, we are all lost.
Issy Rios [6/12/06, 7:36 AM] writes:
Joe, Thanks for aknowledging my note on the V.A.'s problems with our possibility of identity theft. Now on a liter note, I attended the P.R. Day Parade this weekend and noticed that there are a lot fewer Hispanic M.O.S. marching within our ranks. Ever since the Hispanic Sociaty split up and another group called the Latino Police Asso.,was formed, the interest of our hispanic officers attending the parade has dwindled somewhat. It's a shame that we fight amongst each other and don't unite as we should, They say that in Unity there's strength, but I notice that our people keep on fueding and hurting each others causes. I pray to God that one day we will all unite and become more powerful than we are. This will give us our needed power to fight for our rights in these united states and also will aide all those who are newly comers to recieve the same rights as the rest of us. Again I am thankful to you,for having the wisdom to bring about our message to all those out there who are willing to partake in your gusetbook.God Bless You and yours.
Joe Sanchez Picon [6/10/06, 12:10 PM] writes:
Issy, thanks for your concerned and sharng with us your past experiece with what can happen with a person's credit report if their identity is stolen by another person/s, and used for monetary gain, or what have you. Let's hope and pray for the best concerning the stolen, personal records of our men and women, whom served proudly in our military.
Issy Rios [6/10/06, 8:30 AM] writes:
Joe, I just rec'd a letter from the V.A. and it's advising all the veterans of the possibility that out Names, S.Sec.#'s and much more information about us may be in harms way, The threat of someone out there stealing our Identities, well I think that it's a discusting shame that after we served our country and gave our all that we should be put in this predicament, I surely hope that it doesn't come to being, where our lives will suffer for the governments mistakes and that we may have to pay the price by having out credit damaged in this way. I am writing to you in reference to this grave problem that we veterans may be facing and to express my opinion of lack of protection that our government has towards us veterans.By the way I have had my identity stolen once already and after three years of battling the credit bureaus have had nothing but headaches with the whole matter. The Is-Man, out.
Lucas Morales [6/7/06, 4:48 PM] writes:
Brian Glacy [6/4/06, 3:30 PM] writes:
Joe,John Villanueva,Ray Diaz and myself quit the Honor Guard,due to the President of the Clud he went above my decision to reinstate Louis Rosario
Loui has no Pride in wearing of his uniform. John can tell you more. Pictures of Manny Mojica
Memorial came out nice,good work with the site.
Brian G....
Joe Sanchez Picon [6/4/06, 11:30 AM] writes:
Yes, Brian, you had informed me about the 10-13 honor guard situation down your way a while back. Thanks for your input on FDNY 9-11 Manny Mojica page. Also, one need only to post a message on the guest book and then X out of page. Then come back fresh and check your comments. If not, you will think your message was not posted. Thanks- Joe
Brian Glacy [6/3/06, 10:56 PM] writes:
Joe i don't know if John Villanueva told you that we quit the 10-13 Honor Guard,due to The President of the club,lack of chain of command and rank and file..by the way the pictures and music to Manny Mojica's Memorial came out very nice,well done..Brian
Gerhard Brostrom [5/25/06, 6:00 PM] writes:
Garry Owen, for the fortitude tough challenges often entail.
Ian Sinclair [5/19/06, 6:42 PM] writes:
Semper Fi!
Gordon Kennedy [5/12/06, 12:54 PM] writes:
What a great site, it just shows that nobody is forgot just as nobody is left behind.
God bless you all
N. Lorris [5/10/06, 5:34 PM] writes:
I met Rick Rescorla at Ft Dix, New jersey in April of 1964. We went to basic training at the 3rd Training Rgt. We met again two years later where we served with Delta RECON...2/7th Cav.
May His Memory be Eternal.... GOD Bless my friend Rick Rescorla
Eddie Aviles [5/10/06, 8:09 AM] writes:
Hi Joe, I just saw the story of Rick Rescorla, it's very sad and we lost a great person. Izzy Rios told me about Rick's story and I had to read it for myself. You did a great job with the presentation and your site looks great. Anyway, I'm still selling my house here in Palm Coast, (www.buyowner.com and ID#24711. Check it out Joe, this house has it all, maybe you know some one looking. Let me know and I'll see you at the 1013 meeting. I won't be there for June since my daighter is graduating College and my other daughter is getting married. See you soon, Eddie
Issy Rios [5/10/06, 5:33 AM] writes:
Joe, rec'd your message and advise, almost took it, just kidding. Almost forgot to mention,read the page on Rick Rescorla, brought tears to my eyes, what a wonderful person, there should be more people on this earth like him, may his soul rest in peace, I'm proud to say that I only did a little bit of what this man did for this country by going willingly to Viet Nam when called to serve our country, and praise his valor and continued effort to keep people safe on this earth, he will truly be remembered by many. Keep up the fine work and God Bless us all. The Is-Man,out.
Joe Sanchez Picon [5/9/06, 11:00 PM] writes:
Issy, there is still time to back out from getting married, my friend. Just kidding. God bless you both. I will reach out to Alex.
Issy Rios [5/9/06, 10:54 AM] writes:
Hi Joe, Once again I greet you all, My home in Florida is all done, even had an inground Pool added, Can't wait to go there at the end of June, getting married on July 7th, at the Club House in Avalon Park(where my house was built) my wife to be is retireing from the N.Y.C.Brd. Of Ed,this summer and we plan to make Florida our permenant Home, enough about my plans,now about my friend Alex Oriz, retired MOS Sgt.head of one of the Det. Sqds, in Manhattan, who made his home in Opopka,(hope I'm spelling that right),anyway he wants to join in with the 10-13 clubs in Florida and wants to know about your site his e-mail address is black0849@earthlink.net. He stated that he would like to make contact with a lot of his friends who moved to Floida. See if you could connect himand advise him, you know the area better than I do. Tell John Villa-Nu-Tra-Sweet, I said hello.The Is-Man,out.
albert guarnieri jr [5/3/06, 8:08 AM] writes:
Great site!
Mike Ingram [5/2/06, 6:04 PM] writes:
Rick was the Best of two Great countries! He gave everything he had to those around him. It is said that the only thing you take with you in death is what you give in life and he gave it all! I wish that I had known him. Mike
Dick Ackerman [5/1/06, 9:15 PM] writes:
I had reservations to be there but at the last minute we had a death in the family so we had to cancel. So glad you posted these pics. Rick was an awesome man.
Recon 2/7 '65 LZXRAY & LZALBANY
John Blake [5/1/06, 12:46 PM] writes:
A fine tribute to a truly astonishing man!
richard cowand [5/1/06, 10:52 AM] writes:
rick did his best, as we all did, and I think he is at peace, like we all will be. rich cowand echo recon 2/7 1970
Ed Rosado [5/1/06, 9:47 AM] writes:
Hey.fellas great job.thank god for people like you (with a camera)for people like myself who dont have the funds to attend...and yet get to see the Dedication to Rick Rescorla (who was my LT). Thanks again
BOB CAIRNS [5/1/06, 8:58 AM] writes:
awesome site keep up the good work
good photos. we are proud to say we had a member present on the day to represent us.
Bob Cairns V.C.R.S England
Kenneth Enderle [4/30/06, 8:16 PM] writes:
Margaret Ryman Rainone [4/26/06, 6:07 PM] writes:
My father is NYC Police Officer Harry Ryman who was killed in the line of duty on August 14, 1980. My father's killers are coming up for parole in October 2006. I was hoping that you could post a link to the online petition denying parole to the 3 individuals convicted of his murder. My family and I hope to keep his, and all cop killers in jail permanently. Any support you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Margaret Ryman Rainone

Georgios Anagnostopoulos [4/24/06, 10:03 PM] writes:
Great site, Mr. Sanchez! Congratulations!
Bill Friedlander [4/20/06, 10:28 PM] writes:
retired NYCPD and VN vet also. I was present at the first bombing in 1993 and retired shortly thereafter. Just off active duty also.
Gopd Bless all who perished on 9-11.
We will remember.
Rolando A. Salazar [4/20/06, 1:15 AM] writes:
Hello Joe,

Excellent job on the new Rick Rescorla section. The pictures are great. I'll send everyone on my 2/7th Cav distribution list the link. Thanks.
Jim Brigham [4/19/06, 6:04 AM] writes:
Very Good pix
robert wagner [4/18/06, 10:15 PM] writes:
great site
LOU HERNANDEZ [4/18/06, 9:34 PM] writes:

Brian Glacy [4/18/06, 6:49 PM] writes:
Joe how are you,hope you and your family are well
I don't know if John V told you or not but me, John and Ray Diaz resigned from the 10-13 Honor
Guard because of the political bull,we are going to start our own Honor Guard,it's in the makings.
By the way your site looks better each time i look at it,very well done.take care...Brian
Joe Sanchez Picon [4/12/06, 11:07 AM] writes:
Hi, All. We are going to add a new botton to click on top of "Home Page" to honor Rick Rescorla.."The man who predicted 9-11." Rick lost his life on 9-11, going back into the South Tower of the World Trade Center with his security men after they were able to get their people safely out. Rick was a Vietnam War hero, who served with 2/7 Co. B, First Air Cavalry Air Mobile 1965-66. His photo is on the front cover of the book, "We were soldiers...once and young." The story of the battle at the IA Drang Vally. Rick would have made an excellent police officer as well. God bless him and those brave men and women that were there trying to save lives.
Issy Rios [4/10/06, 5:06 AM] writes:
Joe, I'm glad that you answered that for me, but in all honesty, I believe that you should explain it to thses jerks, so maybe they can understand it better, pardon my forwardness, but I believe in telling it like it is, I'm from New York, you Know!!!!!.
Joe Sanchez Picon [4/9/06, 7:22 PM] writes:
Issy, someone is using the guest book to sponsor their product. Apparently they do not understand or respect that the guest book is to honor the military men and women... and law enforcement officers that have served protecting us. I leave it alone so as not to add fuel to the fire. But if they are reading my message, it says it all...
Issy Rios [4/9/06, 5:44 PM] writes:
Say Joe, I was reading everybodies, messages sent in and can't for the life of me, understand all that MomboJombo, that is being sent to you in some of these e-mails, what is all that jive? Is that supposed to be a Joke?,cause I don't get it!!!!!! Oh, I thought this site was there to give interesting info that may help others who write in?? or to get to know other M.O.S. who were on the Job, Can you explain.
Elaine B. Spegal [4/8/06, 4:54 PM] writes:
I did not know Lenny Pelullo but my son married his baby sister, Angela. She is a wonderful girl.
Keep up the Good Work
Lee Choate [4/7/06, 6:34 PM] writes:
I found out about this site thanks to a man by the name Bealer Caudill. This site is very interesting. Keep up the good work. I will Check back to lean new things.
Joe Sanchez Picon [4/5/06, 10:47 AM] writes:
Hi, Roman. Gee, long time to see, amigo. Are you still living in the Lower East Side? By the way, need to change the date [typo] we graduated from the academy to 1973.1913 would make you and I the oldest living former NYPD cops. LOL. As you know I was a Port Authority police officer before joining the NYPD. Email me so I can have your correct e-mail address. The one you posted came back as unable to deliver. Stay safe and God bless.
Roman Semeniuk [4/4/06, 8:58 PM] writes:
I knew joe frome the academy class of 1913 of october
Anthony J. Picarelli [4/3/06, 6:41 PM] writes:
A former member of the NYC Police Dept Oct,1968 thru March 1977 ( 9th. Pct ) Resigned.
Harriet Lichtenstein [3/30/06, 4:14 PM] writes:
Your site is phenominal and God Bless You for all the good work you have done for so many.
Thomas J Horobin [3/30/06, 2:30 PM] writes:
My dad was A POLICE OFFICER for over thirty five years it was what he loved best thakfully he did not die on duty
Linda Tharp [3/22/06, 3:51 PM] writes:
Joe, I finally signed your book, I was at the Homecomming for the 3rd Id, at Holbrook Pond, with Mrs. Gail Aldridge, Hope all is well, Linda
Brian Glacy [3/17/06, 10:19 AM] writes:
site very well done,keep up the good work joe.
William M. "Bill" Litvjak [3/13/06, 5:14 PM] writes:
Hey Joe, I checked out your website, nice. Where's my picture?


Anita Carter [3/10/06, 9:54 AM] writes:
Thank you for your memorial to our cousin. Thank you for serving our country. Your courage and bravery will never be forgotten.
Anita Carter & Mary Lou Blady
Neil Pelullo [3/9/06, 7:07 PM] writes:
Lenny was my cousin, my friend, my hero, and is missed very, very, much.
Larry P. Pelullo [3/9/06, 6:07 PM] writes:
Thank You!

test [3/7/06, 4:12 PM] writes:
Bill Bielawski [3/7/06, 10:03 AM] writes:
Did not know your site existed. My son, currently FDNY, E mailed me. Retired 01/30/90. Was 9pct during terrible Glover, Ready, Laurie,
foster, Murphy years. Was working those nights. Brought back memories I tried to surpress. I cried. It's good to remember. Site is excellent! Thank you. Bill(Ski)Bielawski
James J Gavi [3/6/06, 12:47 PM] writes:
pfc leonard s pelullo was my second cousin, though i never met him since i was born a few years after his death, i fondly remember looking at his high school graduation picture on the wall of my aunt mary's home wondering what he was like.
knowing that he served his country like he did gave his life for it anwsers that very question i asked myself, i feel fortunate that a family member of mine would portray what it means to be a true hero in a sense, i being a father of a 2 1/2 year old daughter could never imagine having to leave her and her mother as well as the rest of my family and never know what may happen to myself or them. i truly admire all military personnel for doing what they do for us, anytime i see any memorial wall of fallen soldiers, time pretty much stands still in our busy lives we live for a moment as a tear comes from the corner of my eye.
James J Gavi [3/6/06, 12:47 PM] writes:
pfc leonard s pelullo was my second cousin, though i never met him since i was born a few years after his death, i fondly remember looking at his high school graduation picture on the wall of my aunt mary's home wondering what he was like.
knowing that he served his country like he did gave his life for it anwsers that very question i asked myself, i feel fortunate that a family member of mine would portray what it means to be a true hero in a sense, i being a father of a 2 1/2 year old daughter could never imagine having to leave her and her mother as well as the rest of my family and never know what may happen to myself or them. i truly admire all military personnel for doing what they do for us, anytime i see any memorial wall of fallen soldiers, time pretty much stands still in our busy lives we live for a moment as a tear comes from the corner of my eye.
Rosalie & Bernie Joerger [3/5/06, 2:34 PM] writes:
Lenny was our 1st cousin. I, Rosalie feel more like a sister to him. We were very close growing up. We shared many great times together at school, with family and around the neighborhood. Everyone knew Lenny and loved him. He left for Viet Nam when we had our 1st baby. There was no time left for him to get to the hospital, he called me to say he was sorry he couldn't get there to see the baby. I told him don't worry, you'll get to see him when you get home. He is a Hero to all of his family and friends. He is sadly missed by many. Everyone knew Lenny in the neighborhood. He was always there for everyone no matter what. Much like his parents he always had a kind word for everyone. We were truly blessed to have had him in our lives. We have many, many memories of Lenny to enjoy. Thank you for this Web Site.
Len, Kathy & Katie Gavi [3/4/06, 7:30 PM] writes:
God Bless all our fallen Heros!
We are so touched by Len's dad's comments and memories of family! This is how our family's history lives on.

Kathy's father is a retired Philadelphia Police Captain. Captain Robert D. King from the 1st District. He resides in Pa with his Bride of 46 years.

We keep our families treasured stories by sites like this one and by sitting around our family tables and listening to our parents wonderful stories!!
Len , Kathy & Katie [3/4/06, 7:14 PM] writes:
God Bless our Fallen Heros!
leonard gavi [3/4/06, 6:31 PM] writes:
I am pfc leonard s pelullo's 1st cousin I just received your web site.from his sister and crying my eyes out and so proud of lenny. he was in my wedding. and my 1st daughter was born and he got to see her before he left. his mother is the last of my uncle and aunts.and I think of lenny alot.especially when we were young.he was more like my brother.I had all sisters.thank you very much for this memory.
KEN MALKOWSKI [3/1/06, 1:12 AM] writes:
KEN MALKOWSKI [3/1/06, 1:11 AM] writes:
KEN MALKOWSKI [3/1/06, 1:09 AM] writes:
see current past entries
Nick Donvito [2/25/06, 1:54 AM] writes:
Take care broter Joe!
Gregg Gaston [2/24/06, 1:11 PM] writes:
Great site. Thanks for your dedication and sacrifices. I'll sign this as I see a shipmate of mine did.

United States Navy
USS Ashtabula AO-51
Operation Frequent Wind
Evacuation of US Embassy in Saigon, Vietnam
April 1975
Joe White [2/21/06, 9:20 AM] writes:
Great site. For most of us you were welcomed home as soon as you returned. Joe White Detective (Ret) 4 HZ
David Santiago [2/20/06, 10:53 AM] writes:
Good site!
Norman and Jean Moulder [2/19/06, 8:43 PM] writes:
Former neighbors and still good friends of Gary and Angela Pelullo Spegal..

Thanks for not Forgetting!
Issy Rios [2/16/06, 6:54 AM] writes:
Say Joe, I belong to FOP 120, here in Staten Island, I just had a house built in Orlando, the question is since I may be going to live there soon, is there any FOP's there in Orlando near by if so I'd like to join it, this is a fine organization, how many of the Retired M.O.S.'s are also members of the F.O.P.? Would you know?
Billy Connor [2/14/06, 9:32 AM] writes:
Retired NYPD 028 Pct. Presently VP of NYS FOP Nassau Police Lodge # 69 alongside my good buddy and fellow VP Timmy Motto Ret. O28 Pct also
Nancy Sinatra [2/13/06, 7:52 PM] writes:
Wonderful website! Thank you for honoring our veterans and may God bless them all. We will never forget the sacrifices they made and we will always pray for the welfare of their families.


Nancy Sinatra
Rich [2/12/06, 10:41 PM] writes:
former brother in blue 23pct.
John Guillory [2/12/06, 10:21 PM] writes:

Your web site is such an enjoyment to browse. I glad it was brought to my attention. Your background music brings me back to those nights in the fox holes, and the early cassette tapes of 60ís tunes. You have done a fantastic job, and that says it all!!!

Best wishes,

israel Rios [2/9/06, 9:43 AM] writes:
About our own P.O. Erec Hernandez, who played on the NYPD football team with my son-in-law Joe Fermaint, Our heart goes out to Erec's Family on his passing away after the brutal beating and later the fatal shooting by another M.O.S. We are all suffering his young life being taken away so soon. God Bless Him. Our condolences.
Joe White [2/8/06, 6:28 PM] writes:
Retired NYPD, 4th HZ
Israel Rios [2/7/06, 6:10 PM] writes:
Joe, those Viet Nam pictures remind me of the same type of pictures that I took or were taken by my men (G-Btry-29th Field Arty-67-68) I still have a slew of them in my picture album, from looking at them I see myself in those same places or places that look a like. I guess we all been all over Nam and the sites are all alike, it is nice to be remembered, thank you. By the way I served with the Army but assigned to the first Marine Div. as a searchlight unit for them.
Israel Rios [2/7/06, 6:08 PM] writes:
Joe, those Viet Nam pictures remind me of the same type of pictures that I took or were taken by my men (G-Btry-29th Field Arty-67-68) I still have a slew of them in my picture album, from looking at them I see myself in those same places or places that look a like. I guess we all been all over Nam and the sites are all alike, it is nice to be remembered, thank you. By the way I served with the Army but assigned to the first Marine Div. as a searchlight unit for them.
Israel Rios [2/7/06, 5:31 PM] writes:
Thata Boy, Joe, My friend Eddie(retired Lt. NYPD) sent me your site, didn't know you had one and John Villanueva also told me(Ju-one Vila-na-new-sweet) as he is known in these parts, he-he.
Edwin Aviles [2/7/06, 7:20 AM] writes:
Joe, Here I am as promised. This is a great site, congragulations. EDDIE (10-13FL)
SSgt George Ricco Diaz [2/2/06, 10:43 PM] writes:
God bless the Military. Bring our boys back home.
Tom O'Leary [2/2/06, 7:43 PM] writes:
In memory of my Brother Paul O'Leary A/3/22 KIA on Aug 22, 1968 at FSB Buell